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Forget those Expensive Monthly Gym Membership Fees
Join the Online Gym Today!

Meal Plans, Exercise Demo’s, Exercise Routines and so Much More!

  • Learn the perfect balance between your diet and what exercise you can do from home, work on while traveling
  • Lose pounds by making small decisions and choices – not massive changes
  • Get expert advice and support from our expert personal trainers and nutrition specialists
  • Save money on expensive monthly gym memberships
  • Follow the plan – Get Fit and Be Healthy

Your Own Personal Trainer – 14 Days for Just £1.00

Personal trainers and gym memberships can often be VERY expensive. And making the effort to get in the car and drive to the gym is sometimes enough for people to let the subscription payment just be taken each month and actually attend.

If you could receive Instructional Videos, Helpful Guides and How To’s, Nutritional Suggestions and Receive Encouragement of Other Members of an online “Gym” – would you join for just $1 and try it today?

How can Get Fit Be Healthy help You?

The Get Fit Be Healthy monthly membership includes...

Quarterly Seasonal Programmes to Keep Things Exciting

Receive instructional videos, nutritional information, all focussed around the upcoming season - Christmas, New Year Weight Loss, Summer Beach Body and the Back to School programmes.

The Get Fit Be Healthy Starter Pack

Upon joining as a full member, after your 14 day trial, we will send you your membership starter pack. This will include your Meal Planning Diary, Meal Plan Choices (a set of 4 weekly menus to choose from), Equipment Guide and Home Exercise Blueprint.

Private Access to the Get Fit Be Healthy Online Community

Our expert personal trainers, nutritionists and health experts all hang out online in the Get Fit Be Healthy Community - an online place that members network and encourage one another too.


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Here's what you get with full membership

After your $1 trial, when continuing you membership with Get Fit Be Healthy at the monthly subscription of just $19 per month, you'll get access to the following...

Get Fit Be Healthy Welcome Pack

Exclusive Online Videos & Training

Signposts for Greater Health & Fitness

Access to Members Only Community


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